Saturday, 15 October 2011

Thing 19: Reflecting

When I look back at my posting for 'Thing 1', I'm amazed already by the impact that taking part in CPD23 has had. When I intitally signed up, it was with a sort of 'might as well' attitude. It was free. I could easily fit it in to my working day, and it was a good way of providing evidence for my Acilip portfolio.

I didn't start posting until late August / September. I'm happy to admi that I didn't expect to get to Thing 19 and:

  • be happy about writing a blog - and making this publically available and open to comments
  • engaging in conversations on Twitter
  • have stuck my hand up and volunteered for 'Voices for the Library' campaign
  • discovered other librarians working in the same sector
  • have changed the way that I share documents with people
  • identified 'can't miss' blogs that help to shape and inform the way I think about the information profession
Many of the tools introduced through the 23 Things programme, I was already aware of, even if I hadn't really explored them in depth. Being encouraged to really look at these, analyse them, consider how I might use them in either a professional or personal capacity has been really useful. Even the 'Things' that I didn't expect to get much out of, I have benefited from thinking about and exploring. Yes, even if I've decided not to use them in my everyday working portfolio of tools.

Looking back at 'Thing 1', I made a list of what taking part in CPD23 was about for me. It's fair to say that it's exceeded my expectations. It's become more than just 'a thing to do'. It's actually become something that I look forward to doing. But I'm aware that I could do better. Commenting on other people's blogs and checking my RSS feed reader. For now, I'm doing what I can. It's good enough.

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