Friday, 16 September 2011

Thing 2: Investigate some other blogs

Ah that blogosphere. All those voices twittering away. I knew they were there. I'd signed up to the trial in the early days of Cilip Communities. I followed 'Unshelved' comic strip. Heck, I even teach people how to search for relevant blogs, and keep track of RSS feeds using an RSS feed reader as part of our information skills course.

But other than reading the odd link highlighted in my weekly email from Cilip, I didn't read library-related blogs.

Partly this was because working in a governement library, I wasn't aware of any other librarians in my sector blogging. The scene is crowded with public librarians, academic librarians appear to be streaking ahead, school librarians raising thoughtful issues about censorship and labelling books with age-related guidance. And I'm all for cross-sectoral learning. But it seemed that I wasn't always reading about issues that I could relate to directly within my own workplace.

Add to that the issues of Twitter and Delicious both being blocked in the workplace, along with IE6 making most RSS feed readers redundant, it just seemed too difficult to find and discover good voices, keep up to date and manage all those links I'd collected. What do you mean I could have done it in my own time at home? Um...

What changed this for me was dipping into Twitter. At home. In my own time. I started off looking for professional associations that were tweeting, but soon found some inspirational voices, which lead me to their writings on blogs.

So now I have a large list of links tagged 'readthis'. So I'm one step closer. But I think I have a new goal. Which is to:

* Develop my own work-place blog - another 'information literacy' channel
* Continue to use this blog
* Engage with the wider profession through blogging, commenting and micro-blogging
* Put time aside each week to 'catchup' and actually 'readthis'

The list of 23Things participants has been helpful in identifying other librarians working in government/special libraries. So maybe those voices will get louder...

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